World Cancer Day – Agora Patient Stories

Kerrie’s story: My miracle daughter

My husband, Ant, and I had wanted to start a family but, before we had the chance, Ant was diagnosed with advanced cancer. However, before his treatment began – and with the help and support of the Agora – we were able to freeze some sperm so that we could begin our IVF treatment straight away.

We had hoped that Ant would at least be able to see a scan of our baby before he passed away but sadly this was not to be. He died before I could become pregnant.

After Ant’s death, knowing that I could still have our baby was the thing that kept me going. With the Agora’s help, I was able to continue with my IVF treatment using the sperm that had been frozen. Initially, it didn’t work and it took several attempts over a period of two years before I found out that I was expecting our daughter, Lexi. During this time, Mel, Carole and the team were always there with me to support me through what was, at times, a very difficult emotional journey.

Lexi was born exactly three years after Ant’s funeral. Holding her in my arms was just amazing, although it was also bittersweet because I felt so sad that Ant couldn’t be there to hold her too.

Being able to have Lexi has completely changed my life. I know if Ant met her today he would love her so much and would be very proud of her.