“Access Fertility has been in partnership with The Agora since 2014. The Agora is a high performing clinic with the very highest standards of patient care at the heart of what it does. Access Fertility patients at The Agora routinely report that the team are hard-working, passionate and routinely go the extra mile to help them get the most from their treatment. We’re proud to partner with The Agora as we know that patients receive the best possible care and service.”

“May I just say what a fantastic team you are! It is rare to find top professionals combined with such a strong human note”

“The warmth and friendliness of the nursing staff, particularly Mel, Jo and Laura made my treatment at the Agora pretty stress free. The experience of the staff was evident; they were at all times professional and inspired confidence in the process. My IVF treatment worked first time and I now have a wonderful little boy, I commend the agora and its staff to you.”

“I cannot speak highly enough of the work the Agora do and our IVF experience. We now have three wonderful boys and I am grateful every day to the whole team for the expertise, knowledge, care and support that got us here.”

“I had previously experienced another fertility centre where I felt that my treatment was being pushed to fit in with their timetable. I was pretty sure that my eggs were not harvested on the optimum day, nor embryos implanted at quite the right time, because my cycle didn’t quite fit with theirs. I am relieved to say that the Agora is not like this at all – and I think one of my procedures took place on the Sunday of a Bank Holiday weekend, which I felt was a truly personal service.”

“We had three cycles of treatment at the Agora over a couple of years. We were always treated sensitively and given enough relevant information at each stage to consider the decisions we needed to make. Everyone we met there was professional, but also friendly, welcoming and caring, which made our (regular) visits much less onerous. Following our unsuccessful cycles we were given a sensitive debrief and an honest opinion regarding further options without any pressure to continue treatment. For our most recent cycle we decided to try egg donation and as a result we have a beautiful 19-month-old daughter and more embryos in the freezer at the Agora waiting for when we have the energy to try for a sibling”.

“We cannot thank you guys enough for all your care and support, we had such a positive experience”

“After 3 years of trying to conceive, I only felt that people were starting to listen to me and properly assess me when I came to the Agora, it was such a relief!”

“Thank you so much for all your help & support in getting us pregnant for the second time”

“Thanks for making all our wishes come true and our lives so complete”

“ You are a fantastic team here. Thanks for being so supportive and caring”

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